Prokyber Esp32-Stick Library

I created a library for the Prokyber Esp32-Stick-Eth Boards (PoE and non PoE variants). I got the OK from the Manufacturer to host the library public on Github and place it under CC0.
The library can be found here.

Now my question, is there any interest to include this to the official LibrePCB library project?
I’m more than willing to do the extra work and maintenance, I just hate to see it collecting dust and be forgotten^^

Hi @kagehisa,

Thanks for asking first before putting too much effort into it.

To be honest, I’m not fully convinced if it makes sense to add a dedicated library just for this product. As far as I can see it is made by an individual (not a company) and IMHO it is questionable how long the product will be produced & sold and also it feels a bit “bloated” to create a new library just for this product.

I’m not really happy with this point of view by myself (would be nice to share the library element with other LibrePCB users) but unfortunately I don’t know what would be a good way to handle it. I hope some day we have a lightweight solution to share such designs, e.g. allow installing community-provided libraries (not managed by LibrePCB maintainers) from the library manager :thinking:

Yes I agree, it may not make sense to put it in the official library set. But I thought it would be better to ask before the library fades into the dustpile of unused libraries on Github.
But since there is no community library space or even a design guide for official libraries I fear that many people will avoid creating libraries for LibrePCB. This Topic needs to be adressed very soon.
I will stop using LibrePCB for the moment and switch back to KiCAD. The lack of available libraries is just to much of a show stopper imho.
The missing contribution guidelines on libraries and or community library handling will not really help to mitigate this issue.

For symbols and packages we do have guidelines at Library Conventions | LibrePCB Documentation, but yes I agree it’s by far not complete yet.

That’s really sad to hear. Generally my opinion is that creating library elements is so easy with LibrePCB that it isn’t a big problem – I’d say the time you loose with creating library elements you will win back with other advantages of LibrePCB. But that’s just my point of view…

Anyway, we know the library situation is currently a major weak point of LibrePCB so it is on our ToDo list for sure.

Thanks for your feedback.

Totally agree with @kagehisa!

Easy sharing own library is complicated.

Solution can be simple:

  1. In library manager create a new list of the communities libraries
  2. possibility to add a github project url (not to .zip file!) for community library
  3. Install/upgrade in same way as system libs…
  4. in future - possibility of update community libs from local LibrePCB Lib manager directly.

@ubruhin ?

It’s not so simple. Many things need to be considered carefully to not end up in an unmaintainable mess. How to know what community libraries are available? Any registration form needed? How to know which libraries have an update available? What if the library has a newer file format than the application? Not everyone wants to use GitHub, can they share libraries as well? What happens with libraries which get renamed or deleted? How to let users know the license terms of community libraries? How to avoid users from complaining about LibrePCB if library maintainers make breaking changes (which causes serious troubles for users!)?

And not only finding a good concept, but also the implementation takes time, while tons of other features are also considered as important and our resources are very limited.

Since LibrePCB libraries are plaintext and LibrePCB makes use of Git for the management of its LIbraries I would say Github is the obvious choice (Gitlab or others may work as well). The easiest solution is to create a Community Library project under the umbrella of the LibrePCB organization.
This way the last call in regards to b reaking changes and accepting new PR’s is always with LibrePCB.

Many of these things can be enforced by LibrePCB through a guideline (just as any other open source project does). Especially the License and platform on which Libraries are shared. If users are unhappy with these terms they can always choose not to participate. Free software uses the term free as used in free speech not free beer, participation is required and needs to adhere to a certain etiquette and rules to function properly.

I get it that this is a lot of work, but avoiding it will shun away potential new users and library contributors. Since LibrePCB is not (yet?) considered by the great distributors freeCAD footprint service, the contribution of libraries through the community is crucial imho.

Just to be clear: I don’t want to avoid it – I totally agree this needs to be done. I just want to do it in a sane way and this takes time. But it is on my ToDo list for sure.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts :+1:

Sorry avoid was the wrong word here. I just wanted to point out that this should take precedence over new features.