Contributing a new library for Western Design Center?

I’ve occasionally been using LibrePCB for designing add-ons to old computers and have used few components from the 6502 CPU family which are still in production by WDC. I’ve got a couple of their parts in a local library, but was wondering if there is any interest contributing back to the project, e.g. adding a library for the WDC components, similar to the libraries for other manufacturers?

If so I’d be happy to give this a go. In that case, looking at the existing libraries, I’d assume adding a new manufacturer specific library would be the way to go?

Hi @jpeacock,

Thanks for your interest to contribute your parts. I think the WDC parts are quite niche products, similar to the request Prokyber Esp32-Stick Library where we decided not a add a dedicated library (yet). Unfortunately our library contribution workflow is a bit inefficient currently and we have not much resources for review etc., thus I think we should focus on parts which are widely used. I hope you understand and are patient, as we try to work on this topic in future.