Need an HDMI connector

I’ve found plenty online, I’ve even been sent samples by one enthusiastic suppler, but none of the parts are present in any of the LibrePCB libraries.

I need an HDMI connector.

Is there a way to add a part to LibrePCB independently? It’s well documented on the supplier’s site…

Check this:

Maybe, LibrePCB subproject can handle this import from eagle.

Awesome, thanks! Enjoying getting to grips with LibrePCB.

Can you show to us your design ?

It’s a simple adapter for use in an Amiga to take a 20 pin output from an internal scan doubler and create a small HDMI port to fit a space in the existing motherboard. I thought it was simple enough to use to learn LibrePCB, and get something made online. Will report back, but bear with me…!

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That sounds cool :slight_smile: Feel free to post it in Projects #madewithlibrepcb!