Adding the Arduino shield connections to the library?

Hi everybody.

So I’m currently working on an Arduino Mega related project and need to design a custom Arduino shield for that reason. Since this is neither a difficult nor time consuming task I decided to get started with LibrePCB.

This probably won’t be the last shield I design, so I thought about adding the connections to the library. But because for an official release they need to be more polished than for my own use and that is a lot of work, I wanted to ask, if this is something that has a chance to be added to the library. Because basically it’s just some pin headers thrown on a schematic - with correct naming and positioning though.

So what are the opinions there?

Hello ItsThePoldy

You have a more than one way.
Ex. fork official arduino library from LibrePCB repository, add components and push it back.
This way is more complicated and require good skills in the LibrePCB component creation.

But my recommendation is:

  • Create your own library
  • Create your componens
  • Publish your library at GitHub
  • Use it, share it…