Cannot use local libraries

When I create a new symbol in a local library, I don’t see the symbol I created as if the local library does not open.
What am I missing ?


Hi and welcome!

Probably you only created a symbol, which is not enough. You also need a corresponding component which references your symbol.
After that you should update your project library.

Now you can use it within your project - at least for the schematic editor. For the pcb you also need a package and device - but this can be done later.

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Thanks sasmus !

I thought I had tried that but I will check again. Maybe I didn’t update the library ???

FMI, For schematic only, do I only have to define the component ?

Symbol + component, yes.

Thanks sasmus !

Yes it works!
Another question : when I change a symbol used in a schematic how do I update the schematic with the modified symbol ?

Just update your project Library!

Thanks again !

May I ask what is your job.
Do you use librePCB to produce complex PCBs ?
Before I retired (2001) I was in charge of CAE/CAD tools for Alcatel switching division.
We used Viewlogic, Zuken and Mentor tools

Well, no. I’m doing this for hobby purposes only. Decided to give LibrePCB a try because an other EDA tool i used until then is no longer maintained.
In professional life i’m an engineer designing wide area networks.