STM32F103C8T6 as a Blue Pill


When I search in the libraries for STM32F103C8T6, I’m getting just the centerpiece of it (IC). Suppose I need a 40-pin socket arrangement to put the Blue Pill into. Do I have to create the part myself? Is it possible to compose it of two existing Pin Socket 1x20, properly spaced and each socket marked?

As the “blue pill” itself is a kind of separate device, even if the STM32F103C8T6 is the embedded uC, i would go the route to create a new device with own footprint. Since there is nothing special (only two 2,54mm standard spaced pin headers) this should be no problem und not much work.

or… possibly anyone here already did this and would like to share

possibly anyone here already did this and would like to share

Well, I found it done: 1, 2.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do with the findings. My experience with LibrePCB is zero, and the documentation is sketchy. There’s a couple of excellent videos, and more are forthcoming :slight_smile:

Besides, my findings are four years old, and may well be outdated.

oh, nice. Perhaps @dbrgn could assist here, you should be able to import or copy the component to your local lib.
However, i didn’t check the license of his work - pls. keep this in mind

I didn’t check it out, but it seems the blue pill is available in this library:

You can install it with the download manually feature and this URL:

License is clearly CC0 like all official libraries, so all good.

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Hey @Tyrn! Yeah, @ubruhin already mentioned my library.

It hasn’t yet been updated for LibrePCB 1.0 yet, but I’ll push an update in a few minutes!

Thank you very much! Do you mean I have to wait a bit, then follow the ubruhin’s suggestion?

Done! @Tyrn yes, if you waited with following the instructions above, you can now follow them and will get an up-to-date package :slightly_smiling_face:

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I created my own local library and I’ve been trying to create my own elements in the likeness of your Blue Pill.

I’m having warnings:


No big surprise, because I created no layers at all. Mostly because the layer controls won’t show at all. Your own Blue Pill doesn’t have these messages, but I can’t see any layers either, like here. What’s wrong?

On the other hand, the absence of layers on an element kinda makes sense because it’s an abstraction turning into something concrete after being placed on the board, and no sooner. Please be patient with me, it’s hard to take in everything at once :thinking:

Did you first click on the polygon tool in the left sidebar?

No. I used just the Draw Rectangle. Tried this and that on your Blue Pill. Can’t see anything new.

Pls read here:

(„Draw Polygons“)

Or simply klick „fix“ in the warnings ( first regarding the outline then the courtyard) LibrePCB will make a suggestion which you could modify or delete again

Exactly :joy: