What do you like about LibrePCB that's better than KiCad

I tried kicad a while back and didn’t like it - but I don’t really remember why.

I like the basic feel of LibrePCB, but I’m frustrated with some missing features and things that don’t work yet.

So anyone that has used both - what do you prefer about LibrePCB? What didn’t you like about kicad?

Library management in LibrePCB is just so much better! The software is much more intuitive and simple to use.

KiCAD has some nice features though as well, the board editor is very advanced (I like the push&shove router) and the 3D viewer is useful.

Library Manager is fantastic. Kicad needs one.

Kicad is ok when you have a single designer with complete knowledge of the design. LibrePCB is better for a design team where each designer only knows a piece of the design.

Kicad has been adding features to handle larger more complex designs and has run into issues that the rest of the industry dealt with 30-40 years ago. But rather than adopt the industry solutions they decide to reinvent the wheel and create a “Kicad Only” solution that is different and not as powerful as what everybody else is doing. They did this with libraries and hierarchy and now they are doing it again with busses.

LibrePCB did libraries the right way. We will wait and see what happens when hierarchies and busses are added.