Components/Parts with internally connected pins/pads

I just started to work with LibrePCB and this is my first post here :smiley:
I made a library entry which represents a single contact NO push-button. So logically it is a 2 pin symbol. But physically the buttons have four pads. Each two of them are internally connected. It is no problem to connect each two pads to one pin. But then the DRC requires me to connect all of the four pads. I have not found a way to tell the system, that only two pads needs to be connected.
Is there a way to manage this?
rgds Gerd

Hi @gx-turbo! :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately there is no way yet to declare these pins as internally connected. I think the only two workarounds are either to ignore the DRC warning (although this doesnโ€™t hide the airwire) or to connect both pins in the layout.

Maybe we can extend the pinout in the device editor some time to make the purpose of pins configurable, but since there are workarounds available this has rather low priority for me.


I agree, Urban. In this very simple case there is even one more workaround: just connect only two pads. Since the footprint is symmetric, there are not so much variants. But in more complicated cases it could be a โ€œnice to haveโ€.
rgds Gerd

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