Copper pour?

Hi, I was trying out your software today. And wondered how to copper pour planes?
So quite reluctantly I got two nets by drawing arbitrary symbols on the schematic?. Rather had added the net names programatically via the net classes menu :+1:. Now I want to preview whether or not the planes can be poured with copper?

Maybe this issue is solved even simpler by adding an outline feature. Or a copper cut out shape?
Since you can do the WYSIWYG.


I don’t understand exactly. With copper pours you mean planes? Once there is at least one net drawn in the schematic, you can add a plane in the board editor with the desired net assigned. But the plane gets only filled if it is within the board outline and if there is at least one pad or via of the same net within in - otherwise you need to enable “Keep orphans” in the plane properties. Is this what you’re looking for?

Yes That’s it, Thanks!

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