Crash with SIGSEGV on Mac OS 10.14.6


new user here from Munich, Bavaria.

I wanted to try LibrePCB on my Macbook with Mac OS 10.14.6 but the program doesn’t even come with a window, but crashes a few seconds after the click on the icon.
I placed the usual apple stacktrace at

Any ideas?

With kind regards

Hi Florian, thank you for supporting LibrePCB! :slight_smile:

Regarding your issue, I think this is the same as reported here:

So since we don’t have a macOS 10.14 available, unfortunately we’re not able anymore to build on that system although LibrePCB should still run perfectly fine when building it from sources.

I just realized we still specify macOS 10.14 as minimum requirement on the download page, I’ll correct that to macOS 11.

Btw, in the linked issue I asked what reasons exist to continue using the outdated macOS 10.x but I never got a response. Maybe you could enlighten me? It might help me (as a non-macos user) to better understand the requirements of the macOS user base.

EDIT: Download page updated accordingly.

Ok, that explains it. I’ll try to compile it myself or will get in contact with the starter of the other thread

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