Not able to install 1.1.0 on Mac OS 11.7.10

I’d appreciate any help available to get the latest version of LibrePCB running on the above Mac. The “right-click” a couple times suggestion is not having the desired effect. The program will not start; error message claiming incompatibility or bad image.
I have managed to get the previous version (i.e., 1.0.0) running. Unfortunately, in spite of numerous re-installations, LibrePCB cannot see/find my printer.
The software shows great promise after having done a couple of schematics with it so would like to get these issues sorted.
Thank you

Could it be that LibrePCB version 1.1.0 has been coded to run on Mac OS 12 and later?

Extract from Apple report:
Dyld Error Message:
Symbol not found: __ZNKSt3__115basic_stringbufIcNS_11char_traitsIcEENS_9allocatorIcEEE3strEv
Referenced from: /Applications/LibrePCB…/Frameworks/libTKernel.7.7.2.dylib (**which was built for Mac OS X 12.**0)
Expected in: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib

In the download section it says: "Requirements: macOS 11 or later (macOS 10.14 when building from sources)"*
But if i remember correctly, there was some discussion on GitHub concerning this topic - so this should be answered by @ubruhin
Just to be sure: if you are on an intel machine - you don’t try to install the ARM Version of LibrePCB, right?

I can confirm that there were printer issues with LibrePCB 1.0 on macOS which were solved with V.1.1. See here No printer found (macOS)

Generally LibrePCB is still compatible with MacOS 10.15 but according your logging messages, it looks like the OpenCascade library provided by Homebrew isn’t and thus LibrePCB doesn’t run :sob:

So probably we should now specify 12.0 as minimum required version. Unfortunately we can’t do much to stay compatible with older versions since both Azure Pipelines (Microsoft) and Homebrew force us to build LibrePCB on recent systems, breaking compatibility with older systems.

When you build it from sources, I’m pretty sure LibrePCB 1.1.0 will run on your system. Alternatively you may want to try the LibrePCB Cask, maybe this also works on your system (I have no experience with that, and it is not maintained by ourselves).

EDIT: Ah and yes, please let us know whether you are talking about Intel or M1 mac.

Thank you so much for your replies. I apologize for not mentioning that this is an Intel mac.

I’ll look at “building it from sources” and try to fumble my way through (new world for me). Alternately I can try installing it on Windows 10 (I use Parallels emulator to run Alibre and CamBam) … for as long as that works anyway.

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