File Formats

Is anyone working on documentation for LibrePCB’s file formats? If not then I have some time and can work on it. If you have anything then send it to me and I will include it.

John Eaton


The directory structure of workspaces, libraries and projects is documented at But the content of *.lp files is not documented and probably nobody is working on this :wink:

How would you document it? Would be nice to have it hosted on too.

Hi Urban,

The main thing that I am looking for is when I see a file like symbol.lp I want a document that describes each field including the allowed character sets and formats. I can guess my tools will break if I get it wrong.

John Eaton

Yeah, it would be nice to have a “schema” for the file format. Something like but for S-Expressions.

But I guess there’s no such thing, so “regular” documentation will probably have to suffice.

@ouabache maybe can be useful to you, even though it’s not complete yet. Package entities are being worked on here:

My main concern is that we will eventually have to support hierarchy and {{NAME}} will go from a simple string to a hierarchical path with a path separator character like “/”. It would be real nice if we told everyone that they couldn’t use that character when picking a value for {{NAME}}.

I created a proposal for how I would document file format and have made a pull request for LibrePCB.

Let me know what you think.

John Eaton

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