How do I update a device?

I created a device in my library, using an existing SOIC package. I then used this device in the Schematic Editor (lots of times!).
When I came to place this on the Board Editor, I found that the SOIC package was too wide. So I need to choose a different SOIC package (there is another one that is the correct size).
I went into the Library Editor, and opened the Device. From there I chose a new package. This broke the Pad-Signal Map, so I fixed that. I pressed Save and it updated the library.

But this hasn’t updated the layout in the Board Editor. Is there a step I’ve missed?


Generally you need to trigger the update in the project manually with the “Project → Update Project Library” menu item. This is to make sure projects don’t break if you modify the workspace libraries.

However, this update currently is not able to handle breaking changes (like changing the package of a device) so it will most probably fail in your case. The only option you have is to delete all the old devices in your board, and then re-adding them as usual. Then the new device/package should appear in the board.

Ok, so if I delete a device in the Schematic Editor, it deletes the wires around it. Here is a before and after screenshot:

Then when I put in a new device it does not connect to any remaining wires.

This means that simply replacing the device with a new one becomes very tedious (delete device, place in new one, add all the wires, add the Net). I have lots of these to do!

Any tips to make this easier?

As stated above, you only need to delete the devices from the board - not from the schematic. This way you don’t have to redraw the schematic.