Import ground plane shape

I have used import option to use non-rectangular board outline, which worked well.
Now I would want to place non-rectangular, similar to outline, ground plane on both sides of PCB.
Is this even doable at current state? Can I convert a shape to plane anyhow?

No, that’s currently not possible. But do you really need a custom plane outline, or do you simply want a plane with the same outline as the board outline?

If the plane outline should be identical to the board outline, you can just create a rectangular which is larger than the board. The plane is then automatically shrinked to the board size (with respecting the configured clearance):

But if there are use-cases for importing a plane outline, I think we could implement that feature as well.

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Thanks for your support, I tried it at first, but it did not worked. But after your response I decided to dig deeper, and found out that my dxf is poorly drawn (by me). I used LibreCAD to draw the outline by hand, and segments were not ideally connected (but it was visible only on very high zoom level). After correcting dxf the plane rebuild worked like a harm.

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