New icon set

I wanted to know how LibrePCB would look with a new icon style. The current ones are OK, but look a bit inconsistent and also a bit old-fashioned (almost all modern icon styles today are flat, not 3D and glossy).

Flat icons also have the advantage that they’re smaller, easier to recolor and easier to combine.

Here’s what the schematics editor would look like with the “Colors” style from

Some notes:

  • The icons are quite colorful / flashy. However, it’s possible to recolor all of them directly on the website before downloading.
  • The website also allows combining multiple icons into a new icon without loss of quality (they’re all vectors)
  • Regarding the license: We can use all icons for free if we add a link to them in the about dialog


In my opinion they look nice and more modern, but we probably need to use less flashy colors for some of them.

I prefer texts buttons (like Eagle 2.xx for DOS), or context menu…
But from my point of view, icons are not important things.
I want to say, better is focusing to application functionality, not look.

One does not exclude the other.