From messing with librepcb it seems like a great alternative to eagle and very similar layout. One of the programs I use with eagle is pcbgcode https://groups.io/g/pcbgcode this script gives some user ability to create cnc files for machining pcb and drill files. There is a bit more control than using gerbers and pcb2gcode (multi pass machining).

An addon for direct gcode output with similar features would be an awesome addition for simple cut boards.

Awesome work on librePCB

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What is the problem with using external tool that converts gerber to gcode?

No issue with using an external program. pcbgcode and eagle can create a multipass cut without the worry of cutting into traces. pcb2gcode appears to allow multipass cut but the offset is always the same width with no respect for the proximity of the next trace. pcbgcode i believe generates 3 (or more) fills with varying offset from traces, each fill is used to generate toolpath and results in different width isolation. It ends up easier soldering on larger spaced out components but i can still have traces spaced for micro usb connectors milled.