Removed Library Elements

In theory no elements should be removed from the standard library, but we’ve had a few cases of duplicate items where it’s very unlikely that they’ve been used in projects before. Right now we can still remove them relatively painlessly, but I’ll list the UUID in case someone gets an error message about one of those.

Removed packages:

  • 8d4eff95-cb5c-47a1-bc6c-f51ed2299388 (R-1005, duplicate)
  • 13270df8-71bb-4b66-b996-c2c2ab5497be (R-2012, duplicate)
  • 75b3e98e-0a30-4987-84ad-3f2fb0bd45da (R-3216, duplicate)
  • 74615da1-19c4-423d-ad7c-78a746ca42f1 (R-3225, duplicate)
  • dfd98273-0c85-4620-8f7b-655c642a025c (R-5025, duplicate)
  • 3b071211-28c7-4549-ac02-87249f9224d8 (R-6332, duplicate)

Removed devices:

  • 99e9c921-93a4-4e36-99c8-84cdb9d266c1 (R-1005, duplicate)
  • d19f8d95-dd07-4691-ac10-c0b5d5b9c0e8 (R-2012, duplicate)
  • 4f6fcf65-85cd-4d64-a0ab-2e25d1c928b9 (R-3216, duplicate)
  • 5b0ba211-8fce-45c5-b3cb-f87662789db9 (R-3225, duplicate)
  • 3fb83ddf-5342-429f-b7bb-630b1eaec1e9 (R-5025, duplicate)
  • b5ccc409-75ca-4d8c-bc94-76fb1d8ca341 (R-6332, duplicate)

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