Is this existing library component the one I want?

I’m looking through the libraries to see if it has the MOSFET that I’m after.
I find that it does have some MOSFETs - are they the same?
I found one with the correct symbol and the correct package, but it is a different part number. I’ll use it if the pin numbers the same, but how do I tell?
I tried adding the component and looking at the properties (I’m in the Schematic Editor). Here’s what I see:

I’ve created library components before, and I want to see the screen that matches the schematic labels with the pin numbers on the component.
It looks like I should be able to click on the underlined text next to ‘Component:’. But that doesn’t do anything.

Is there a way I can tell the pin numbers of the physical package for this library component?


In the schematic editor, pad numbers are currently not yet visible (they will be visible in the next release). The only way to check it within a project is to connect the mosfet in the schematic, then add it to the board and check the tooltip of the footprint pads - they show the net they are connected to.

But I think currently the quickest way is to type “SSM3K329R” into DIgiKey, download its datasheet and check the pinout there :see_no_evil:

Anyway, I’d recommend to create a device for your desired Mosfet. Since there exists already one with the correct package, you can just duplicate it this way:


Afterwards you’ll see the pinout in the device editor. Since this whole process takes just a minute and ensures you’ll have the correct device in your schematic, I’d always go this way.


Thanks, I didn’t know about the ‘Copy from existing element’ function.
Irritatingly though, when doing this step there is no search function. So I need to know the Device number of the component I want to copy. So I need to go and add a component to get the search function (MOSFET), find the one I want, write down the number, then go back and do the copy process.
It would be good to have a button in the Add Component dialog, something like ‘Copy to New Library Element’.

Yes, I totally agree there’s still room for improvements :slightly_smiling_face: I give my best to improve the usability, but it takes time…

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By the way I have figured out why I wasn’t seeing the ‘Copy from existing element’ option.
I was opening Library Manager, then choosing My Library, then pressing the button Open Library Editor.
From here I would right click in the Symbol, Device etc., and choose ‘New’.
This way doesn’t give the option of copying. It would be nice if it did.

Yeah actually there’s a “Duplicate” menu item which is the easiest way to duplicate a library element since you can directly select the library element to copy. But it works only if source & destination of the duplication are within the same library.

Maybe it makes sense to add a “Duplicate from…” menu item, to allow selecting a source library element from a different library.