Using latest source instead of release

Would it be unwise to work with git master instead of a release? I need the features that have not been released yet like slotted pads but I wonder if my local library could get messed up since the file formats are changing still currently.

Hi @ii8,

yes that would be unwise indeed, as stated in the readme. Also the application displays a very clear warning when you try to use it. So you need to wait for the next release (shouldn’t take too much time anymore to complete).

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To be clear: You could use the git master, create a project with that, export Gerbers, and order those. However, if you open the project with a later version of LibrePCB, there’s a considerably high probability that your project files will be broken and cannot be opened anymore.

If it’s a one-off project, that may be fine, but in general the master branch is not meant for productive use.