Value field and placeholders

I have created an Unidirectional Schottky Device and add it to my schematic.

The problem is that the value field is blank on the schematic page.
Value of this component is defined as {{PARTNUMBER or DEVICE}}

So, I think it should be at least the name of the device. No ?


Did you create a device for this part?

Change the Value field to {{ PARTNUMBER or DEVICE or COMPONENT}} and see what happens. You can do it under properties.

John Eaton

So yes, I do (create a device).

I do not want to have the Component name but the Device name.


But just see that it works now (before doing anything).
So I think there’s a little bug somewhere.

IIRC the device name only shows up in the schematics if you have placed the device on the board. Yep, it’s a bug :slight_smile: