Aim of "add similar" functionality in board editor?

I have experienced “add similar” functionality and i would like to know the aim of this button.
I haven’t seen anything in the documentation.

When I add a ATtiny85-20Px and ATtiny85-20Sx to my schematic,
when I add these devices with “add similar” button, I have the same footprint for both (both SOIC).

Is it a bug or the aim of this undocumented functionality ?



The idea is to add all similar components (same library component) with the selected device to the board. For example if you have dozens of resistors in your schematic, and you want all of them to have the 0805 package, you only need to select the package once and get all the dozens of other resistors added to the board too. That’s much faster than adding all the resistors manually one by one.