Package/Symbol editor: Table based editing

Sometimes you want to be able to easily edit multiple pins at the same time (e.g. position or size) without double-clicking every single one.

One option to simplify batch editing would be a table based editing UI.


(Sorry for the bad mockup…)

On top of that, maybe we could add functionality to edit multiple cells at once. But even if it’s just simple to navigate and copy/paste in that table, it would simplify editing some footprints/symbols a lot.

Filter options could be added as well (e.g. search name by regex, or filter by shape, etc).

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Loving it, especially if there would/could be a button “change all to selected” underneath each column?

In principe, I put some similar idea yet: Mass editing


Perfect will be for mass/batch edit, of the same attributes for all parts in used/selected libraries…
Of course, also for PCB and schematic editor also (batch edit of the same attributes).

I call for it!

Yes, very similar, but you want to mass-edit library elements, while I want to mass-edit objects within one library element.