Mass editing


I have an idea: Library’s Mass editing.

Library is (mostly) combination of symbols, footprints and their parameters (Value, pin maps, … - called components).
Editing (or creating) parts/components in libs, is creating some combinations and relations between sym and foots. In each library editor (mean other EDAs also) is it long-distance run.
But, You imagine, shortcut:

  1. In library manager I create symbol (ex. resistor)
  2. next I create footprint (SMD 0805)
  3. finally I create a few components/parts
  4. And next - whole library I switch to mass editor - all fields of library I will see as in excel fields.
  5. I create/edit some field/fields like an Excel (CTRL+C, CTRL+V, CTRL+D, import/export csv,…)
  6. Save whole fields (sheet) back into lib.
  7. Bang! - in library I have complette resistors sets (E96, each with value, mfg. part number, link to datasheet,…)!

Of course, some fields cannot be edited (UID) - this fields will be locked in this fields editor.

This mass editor can be present also in SCH/PCB editor.
Firstly - I select object for mass edit (ex. Text), next I open mass editor form (aka excel sheet), and finally I can edit parameters on all selected objects (ex. size of texts) - and click to apply.

What do You think about this?


Hmm regarding the library editor, what fields would you expect to see in such a mass editor? Basically only the metadata (name, description, keywords, …), right?

Generally I think it should be possible to implement such a mass editor, although I’m not sure if that’s worth the effort. Most of the “mass” library elements (same element in many different variants) are generated with librepcb-parts-generator anyway, for those it’s already possible to do (kind of) mass editing.

In the schematic/board editor actually I like to implement a property editor like this anyway:

This could also be used for mass editing, IMHO that would be very powerful and easy to use.


In generally, from metadata are important only “name” and “description”. Most important (for me) are “Attributes” in Components, and “Assigned package” in Devices.

I try to explain my idea.

Situation 1.
I create my resistor library and I use each component/device for each resistor part number (yes, for each value I create a separate component and device). In attributes I add fields as “Manufacturer Part Number”, “link to datasheet”, and order numbers for some suppliers (Farnell, Mouser,…). This is preparation for BOM export also :slight_smile:

Situation 2.
Resistor library is created with all E24 values for package thru-hole radial RM 7,62mm with MPN and order numbers. Now, I need add to all, a new package variant for RM 10,16mm…

Situation 3 (little bit utopia).
Resistor library is created with all E24 values for package SMD 0805. Now, I can create a library for SMD 1206 packages… (yes, this require duplicate new library from existing one with new UID generation… maybe in future :slight_smile: ) But after duplicating, I can change all package through mass edit to 1206.

And also library report can be done by mass edit.

And more…

I know, this mass edit is not easy to implement if we can apply all described situations. But in future, this canm be easiest way to manage libraries. Important is retain excel’s fields functionalities (move, copy, rows filter, cols hide/unhide,…)

Remember, good desing starting from good libraries!

AD. librepcb-parts-generator: I not tested yet. This is python scripts and I not familiar with this snake. Parts generator, should be integrated as function of LibrePCB.

AD SCH/PCB Property editor: Yes, yes, yes, and 100x Yes!
But please, don’t forget to edit property also for multiple selected objects (only common properties of course).



For example, I made my library for resistors with exact values, order codes and manufacturer part numbers (have a look:
And now, I need add for all components special document (some .pdf) or change existing link to datasheet. How easily? :slight_smile: