Schematic editor - improving component and wire move


I like the LibrePCB approach to component / footprint management, as I always wanted something like that in KiCAD. So thanks for all your efforts to make it happen.

However, just like many other EDAs, LibrePCB do lack smart and easy to use operations in schematic editor. It is slightly better than in KiCAD, but only slight.

One of the common things we do is moving and rearranging components or groups of components on the schematic sheet. Unfortunately doing so, completely messes up the netlist drawing / connections.

Even a simple cases are not handled smart:

Any of the two would be acceptable, as selecting which one is actually better is probably NP hard, but some simple heuristics could be used for common cases.

Similarly, there is a problem with connections / wires.

Sometimes ones connect wires to form a longer one. It then looks like a single wire, but internally these are still two separate segments. Which is wired when you try to move it then.

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Here is an example of the wire only move showing also non-smart behaviour: