How to Move Schematic Elements Between Sheets

I’m near the end of my project, with the board layout complete and all but the sanity checks done. However I’m trying to tidy up the circuit diagram and make it more readable. I wanted to move connectors and IC decoupling to another sheet. Cut and paste won’t work as it breaks the layout and the net assignments to the IC power pins. While deleting and adding the connectors is relatively straight forward sorting out the IC power pin assignments is a real problem.

What appears to be needed is a “select then move to sheet” function, the ideal. Or delete the power pin circuit element then some way of readding missing elements. (I have a schematic element for the IC and one for its power connections they are both managed by the Components in the Library Manager and placed when the IC is selected).

Therefore is there a way to move a element from one schematic sheet to another without breaking the layout or the schematic element being renumbered and loosing its associations?

Many thanks and a Better and Happier new year to all.


That’s currently not possible indeed - the only way without breaking the layout might be to manually do the changes in the schematic.lp files, but of course that’s not really a solution :wink:

My idea for the future is to memorize and re-create the layout when cut&paste schematic items (so the layout breaks with Ctrl+X, but recovers automatically with Ctrl+V).

EDIT: I created an issue for that: