Built in pin info in libraries

Just an idea here. It would be nice if there was build in short information about pins, that could be available by hoovering over pins on the schematic or something like that.

In that way you don’t have to continuously refer to datasheets when labels on pins are cryptic. Maybe that info don’t have to be built in to the libraries, but could be a option to fill in that information. Could be useful when you have a schematic with hundreds of cryptic labels, and can’t memorize them all, and remember everything a few months later.

That info could be particularly useful on a MCU and things like that, when pins can have many different functions. In that case, it would also be useful to be able to select pin label with a drop down menu. In that way your own schematic can be more informative, and save a lot of time in a team and reduce the need of a lot of extensive alternative documentation hidden from plain sight.

Hello @dan, welcome!

I think this idea is already being discussed in Alternate pin functions, right?

I was primarily talking about extra hidden information on pins, not primarily pin labels. And you could see the extra info by clicking a pin or hoover over it.

Let say different pin names on a chip is…

By selecting one of the pin extra information is shown. Selecting LEAB would show…
LEAB - Latch Enable

CEAB could show - Clock Enable
LEAB could show - Latch Enable
…and so on.

What I mean is that the info shown on a symbol is not often enough when designing. I’m talking about extra information. In some sense it could be related to alternate pin functions. So if alternate pin functions is implemented, some extra hidden information about each alternative could be implemented as well.

It would make it faster to design if you don’t have to refer to datasheets to know what a Abbreviation means, but that it also can be shown by clicking/hoovering. By clicking a drop box could be shown and the hidden information, and while selecting in the drop box, the extra information about each alternative could be shown also, while selecting.

@ubruhin maybe a user-defined title text (on hover) could be shown when defined in the component signal…

Yes, that could be good.

But the point is that you want a quick view of what a abbreviation on a schematic symbol means. That could also be coupled with alternate pin functions.

It would make life better while designing. It would also make life better for people who has a loaded the schematic in LibreCAD trying to under stand it. It would be a huge improvement compared to a static schematic with a need of downloading a lot of datasheets for a basic understanding of more complicated things in a schematic.

If you make a PDF of the schematic, you could also hoover over pin connections and get that extra information, and get this extra info automatically.