Encoder Rotary With Swich

Hi, I need Encoder Rotary library With Swich, the standard libray no have footprint.

Give me a link to product page/datasheet and exact manufacturer part number. I will make it for you…

Thanks Edison

Some images:
rotary encoder with swich 2
rotary encoder with swich 3
rotary encoder with swich 4

rotary encoder with swich pad pcb


I dont have manufactures part number
Model is: EC11

Here is it.
You can fing component “EC11E09244BS” under Electromechanical->Switches->Encoders category.
BUT! Package size and pad marking are different in your screen shot! Please check it correctly, or give exact part number…

Yes, this work for me thanks

You are the best. i realy like all your library.

You are welcome.
No problem, if I have a free time.
… It’s my 5 cents for support the LibrePCB :slight_smile: