Gerber Panelizer: How to panelize boards

Usually, manufacturers are able to panelize boards by themselves but sometimes it is difficult !
I have experienced a problem with panelization of 3 different boards (6+6+6) on the same panel.
Hopefully, I discovered on Hackaday the Gerber Panelizer tool, part of a suite of softwares called GerberTools.
And this saves me ! :tada:

It is usable even if there are some little bugs. It also produce top and bottom realistic picture of the panel.
The main problem for me is that I do not succeed in building it quickly for Ubuntu, so I took an old Windows PC to do that. :sob:

To help doing what should be done, there’s also a big article about panelization on Electronic Design.

Hope all these information will help you in case of you fall there !

And maybe, all these tools can be incorporated in LibrePCB one day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s not really a documentation, but you can find some tips here :

Very nice, I have searched for a tool to panelize Gerbers a long time ago and only found a single tool, which didn’t work. Usually I asked the manufacturer to panelize for me, but it’s a bit of a risk.