How to draw arcs

I would like to create a transformer symbol based upon the IEC standard. The problem appears to be there is no way to draw the arc. I have seen some discussion relating to arcs so I’m guessing it is not yet possible. But I don’t see a issues outstanding on GitHub. So am I missing something?


How to draw an ARC?

  1. draw line
  2. double click on drawn line
  3. in opened properties window, change angle for segment 1

Short video about it:

Thanks I would never have guessed that is how it is done. A strange functional decision. I might have expected either an arc tool or possibly the circle tool provided a segment modifier.

Do you think I should raise an improvement request?


Of course yes, You can create this request.
From my point of view it’s a logical request which can make the UI better.

You are right, this is missing functionality! (The file format and editor already support arcs, but so far no editing tool has been added. This is still on the TODO list.)

A feature request is open here: If you have a GitHub account, you can vote on it with a :+1: reaction.