AC Supply Symbol?

Granted I am new to LibrePCB but I am not new to schematics. I am trying to add an AC Supply symbol to a schematic and there does not appear to be any existing symbol for this. Supply Symbols contain only EARTH, GND, and VCC. When I try creating my own custom symbol for this, there is no Bezier curve tool and the Line editor for creating arcs is clunky and doesn’t seem to support “S” curves. Is there a way to import an SVG for the symbol? (There are plenty of AC Supply symbols on the internet to choose from.) How can I get an AC Supply symbol added to the Library Manager? Thanks!

Ohh,m too much questions in one thread. But I try to answer.
Supply symbols You can add your own of course.
In LibrePCB Base you can find example, how to connect component with graphical symbols - try to make your own based on this example.

Bezier curve - in LibrePCB bezier doesn’t exist yet. But Arc exists. And bezier you can create from arcs. Creating of the ARC is easy - draw line and set angle. You can see in this video.

Import - as simple function in the LibrePCB doesn’t exist yet.

And finally: “How can I get an AC Supply symbol added to the Library Manager?” - simple. Create your own library, create symbol, and component. Connect it together and use library in our project. This library you can upload to your repository in the GitHub for sharing or for use in our multi-installations of the LibrePCB.