How to install LibrePCB on a Raspberry Pi?

I’m a long-time Altium user looking to switch to LibrePCB for my personal projects. Amazing work so far!

I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB version) - is it possible to install LibrePCB on one of the Raspberry Pi compatible Linux distros? I’m fairly new to Linux in general, so not sure what I should be looking for, or if LibrePCB even supports ARM yet.


With a little tinkering, answered my own question :slight_smile: Here are the steps for anyone interested:

(1) Install the latest Raspbian Desktop -

(2) Once set up, in the Terminal install flatpak with the following command:

sudo apt install flatpak


flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

(3) Restart the Raspberry Pi.

(4) Install LibrePCB with flatpak:

flatpak install librepcb

Press “Y” through all the recommended setup options.

(5) When installed, type the following to run:

flatpack run org.librepcb.LibrePCB

Seems to work like a charm!


Cool, thanks for sharing the steps how you got it running! :smiley:

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