Increase Pad-Signal-Map Screen Area

To provide more room on the Panel Layout Devices window and make it easer to map signals to pins for large devices. Change the panel layout smaller Package and Component panels in the left hand column. Move the Pad-Signal-Map panel so it is the full length of the centre panel.

This arrangement would also allow larger fonts and grater spacing between pin lines for better readability.

Probably at least partially related to the following two issues:

(Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

I agree, but I was just focused on a particular frustration when assigning 96 pins to pads. More screen space and larger fonts would have made the task easier and less error prone.

Overall we are saying the there needs more focus on the task to be achieved and the tools specific to that task with less emphasis (or the hiding) of items that are irrelevant to the task. May be I could explain it as follows:
The user needs to see a summary of what tasks need to be performed and their current status. Then on selecting each task the use is then provided with the screen real estate and tools to get the task done efficiently. On completion the summary is updated.