Library structure for real industry usage

Library structure not easy to be used in a real industry (or just for proffessional hobbyist usage)

I never liked the Eagle style “one specific part per model number” approach, I rarely design things that need a specific part rather than just “Any 1% 0805 1k”.

What if this were a separate concept from the parts themselves, called “Data profiles” or something.

So you have your resistor, and it has fields for tolerance, value, etc, and then you have a list of “Data profiles” which have the actual part number, the relevant data, the URL, etc.

When adding a new part, data profiles could show up just like as if they were real parts, but you could toggle between a generic view, and a view showing the profiles.

The only downside is you lose the manufacturer specific optimized footprints.

But maybe there’s a way to make footprints parametric, so that the profile can actually modify the shapes?

Right now LibrePCB mostly seems to use generic parts, it would be cool to make it very easy to add specific name brand parts while keeping a distinction between generic and non-generic.

That kind of data profile model would almost give you what thingiverse has for the part customizer!

Hi :slight_smile:

This is notheing to like :wink: This is just an common industry requirement. No one company will work without fully defined components with their released part numbers.

Just as reminder: even two exactly the same components but having even… a digfferent… krimp style (specified bending drawings, bending by internal company side) MUST HAVE it’s own specified (different) partnumbers. So even if manufacturer partnumber is the same, in a company it will have two different numbers.

So if you consider industry / proffesional usage for LibrePCB (or just a hobby but proffessional way) it must be introduced solution similar to which I proposed on a Github.

I still beliefe the simplest one and most efficient way is a additional group called “fully defined components”. Hints / links to such components should be suggested among already released fully defined components at the end of selections prosess (group -> component -> device -> list of suggested released fully defined components tu use by the hardware engineer (who is drawing the circuit drawing).

Mentioned last step could be the optional one (for industry purpose mainly).