LibrePCB - where located settings for portable version?


Follow my KiCad experiences for LibrePCB I decided to use in the same way:

  • only portable versions
  • all in one directroy -> d:\Development\KiCad (inside libraries, portable versions, settings, projects)
  • d:\Development\KiCad synchronized with a few different machines using
  • d:\Development\KiCad nightly backupped with using

Because of above I’m secured (e.g in case of broken disk) and It’s possible to develope my projects and libraries, even portable software update from every of my computers, e.g. in a few places in the world, without any of my additional individual activity.

I tried to do the same for LibrePCB. So I cereated directory d:\Development\LibrePCB (inside e.g. portable/1.0.5). I synchronized between my computers but after I try to run d:\Development\LibrePCB\Portable\0.1.5\bin\librepcb.exe on an other (synchronized PC) then I see settings for LibrePCB must be places somewhere outside because I see “welcome screen” again.

So could you please inform me where exactly stored custom settings for LibrePCB @ Windows 10 OS ?

Thank you and best regards


User settings are stored in the default settings location depending on the operating system. On Windows it should be somewhere within the AppData folder.

But actually I’d recommend to not synchronize this directory - instead, I’d only synchronize the workspace. Everything important is stored within the workspace. The settings directory only contains unimportant data like window positions etc. which might even lead to issues when synchronizing between different computers.

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