Multi-part symbols possible?

I’ve got a project that uses 3PDT relays but the current libraries only have the usual SPDT & DPDT varieties.

While I’m ready to sit down and create one in my personal library I was wondering if it was possible to create symbols with a user-specified number of subcomponents. Instead of creating a specific 3PDT relay component I’d like to reference a ‘magic’ relay that allows me to set the number of contact sets, N. The pins could be numerated based on N: …3C, 3NC, 3NO, 4C, 4NC, 4NO

The same approach could accommodate ICs with multiple opamps, inverters, etc. or passives like resistor arrays…

Since the symbols don’t represent real components at this stage, can this flexibility be accommodated?
It would cut down on the number of duplicative symbols in the library and help ensure consistency.

Sure, this is possible in the component editor. You do need to create a 3PDT component but there you can reference a standalone relay coil symbol and as many SPDT symbols as you like. This is also called “gates”, see here: Component | LibrePCB Documentation