No unipolar capacitor component

I begin to use LibrePcb, in schematic editor I want to add capacitor unipolar component. I use add component Capacitor/Unipolar capacitor but there is no device avaliable, I can just add bipolar capacitor.
Other question on diode, there is an available device BAS21 [SOT23-3] but it hasn’t the appearance of a diode on the board and 3 pads are displayed.
Thanks for your help.
Jean Paul

Hi, My version 0.1.2 has the Capacitor Unipolar so, if you have this same version you also should have one. If don’t, try re-install with version 0.1.2
About the Diode BAS21 it is correct. This diode has 3 terminals.

Thanks for your response Carlos, unfortunaly I haved already installed a linux release 0.1.2.

. No device for standard diode or zener diode?
A similar problem with transistor, there is no PNP or NPN device.
Jean Paul

Hi! 2 days ago I created a library pull request with molded polarized capacitors (CAPPM). Those are often used for tantalum capacitors. Maybe it helps?

A lot of parts (even very basic ones) are still missing because nobody created them yet. For other devices, feel free to create devices according to the library conventions and contribute them to the standard library!

If you create devices or packages that are very similar and that could be generated, check out the project.

Hi Danilo,

Thanks you for your response.I understand It miss a lot of parts. I’m not an expert in electronic I just try to build electronic schema from physical card to repair it.
I have just created my little libray an add a Relay device. If I progress I 'll try to use perts generator.
Jean Paul

Molded polarized chip capacitor packages (e.g. tantalum) have been merged!

There are no devices for them yet, but adding your own devices is very simple.

Edit: AVX F93 series capacitors: