NTPH Defined as Part of Library Element Package

I have a connector defined in my library with two NTPH defined for the package (its a 69 pin DIN41612 in case you wonder).

When I look at the Board Editor, starting with no layers selected, then selecting ‘Drills (NTPH)’, I only see two other NTPH holes I have positioned directly to the pcb and NOT the two associated with the connector. Should I expect to see the connector NTPH holes?

The plot develops …

In an attempt to actually place non plated through holes for the DIN connector I tried experimenting with lines on Alignment Layer, adding two lines across the NTPH in the library element then after saving and updating the project . I noted the following:

  • with only Drills (NTPH) selected: the only visible NTPH is one placed directly on the board, the one for the library part was not.
  • with only Alignment Layer and Drills (NTPH) are selected: then the NTPH from the library element was visible but totally filled. By toggling Drills (NTPH) both NTPHs can be controlled.
  • with only Top Placement and Drills (NTPH) are selected: then the library defined NTPH was visible as was the directlly place NTPH. By toggling Drills (NTPH) both NTPHs can be controlled.

I removed the Alignment lines from the library element and updated the project. I could no longer see the library defined NTPH when the Alignment Layer and Drills (NTPH) were selected.