SoftLink Support for Linux

I would like to ask if it is possible to enhance the file management sub-system to allow the workspace directory to support SoftLinks [and, with that, network file systems.

My home workstation has a small internal [M.2] drive, but I always keep all my data files on a QNAP NAS drive, because I have that set up to automatically back up overnight and with a multi-generation backup solution.

Using Mint Linux, when I try to create a new workspace, the file dialog automatically “greys out” [marks as unavailable] any softlinks in my home folder, even if those links connect to a folder on my local machine.

The change I am suggesting would be to enhance the functionality of LibrePCB to enable the storage and retrieval of project and data files from both softlink and network-connected locations. I primarily use NFSv4 when running Mint Linux and CIFS/SMB when running Windows 10.

This is tested and not currently working with the Linux Flatpak installation (Version 0.1.5, according to the Mint installer).

Many thanks for your consideration.

I’m not sure if the problem is really related to the links. I quickly created a local symlink with ln -s and was able to choose this directory in LibrePCB and the workspace was created successfully. Some ideas to investigate the problem:

  • Check the permissions of your links, are they readable and writable by the user running LibrePCB? Greyed out folders somehow sound like insufficient permissions.
  • Test our official AppImage instead of Flatpak, just to be sure it’s not some sandboxing “feature” of Flatpak.
  • If you’re really running LibrePCB 0.1.5 I’d suggest to update it to the latest release :see_no_evil: