Issue: Kaspersky thinks librepcb is a troyan


From time to time (about every 5th - 10th time) when I press the icon “save project” kaspersky internet security pops up with the comment that he has found the activity of LibrePCB acting like a “Troyan.Win32.Generic”, he closes LibrePCB and tells me he is going to delete the program after reboot.
The annoying part of it is, that I have no other option. After the reboot the file librepcb.exe is gone
Fortunately the project seems to be saved.

I was not able yet to trace down when exactly this happens and what could make Kaspersky interact the wrong way, since it happens randomly.
It happend till now, if I remember correctly, only in the pcb-tool.

Has anyone other encountered this issue? Does LibrePCB send some informations to “home”?



Oh, that’s bad :scream: Would be good to know what behavior of LibrePCB triggers this reaction of Kaspersky. Do you know if there is a way to get some detailed information from Kaspersky?

After just a few minutes using LibrePCB on a computer with Kaspersky, I had no issues. But most of the time I use LibrePCB on Linux, i.e. without Kaspersky.

No, the only Internet communication is to fetch the list of libraries when opening the library manager. But that’s rather a “normal download” than “talking to home”.